24.07.2019 - 27.07.2019

Adventure Therapy in Europe - Gathering

Ort : Schwangau
Organisator : Adventure Therapy Europe

The 2nd Gate provides a platform to gather practitioners, organizations, researchers and people interested in the field of Adventure Therapy. The program will be a colorful mosaic of keynote talks, workshops, roundtables and lots of opportunities to get to know each other, get inspired and celebrate together.

What is our common understanding of Adventure Therapy? Where are differences or even opposite opinions? What makes a program therapeutic? And who can be an Adventure Therapist?

As a multi-lingual, multi-cultural and multi-professional community there is a lot to discover. This year’s focus is on looking for the common ground we share. It is not meant to be an endless theoretical discussion, but a thorough investigation through experiential workshops, multi-professional forums and conversations about what we all share.

Adventure Therapy is still young, often unknown in Europe – there is a need for explanation, definition, distinction. We are shaping the picture, right now. You are welcome to contribute to the GATE by holding an experiential workshop or presenting your research or concept in one of the forums. 

The ticket order starts December 1, 2018. Save your Early Bird Ticket and order until February 28, 2019

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